Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bombay Holidays

So, quite a bit of a departure from my heavenly mountain abode perched atop the Himalayas, I write to you from the thick of the richest part of India, Juhu beach, where I am surrounded by bollywood stars and IT gurus, some of the richest people in the WORLD. Strange. I just spent three american bucks on a delicious cup of coffee. uggh. (but delicious, much better than the Nescafe I drink daily). Tonight, as a contrast only Bombay could provide, I will being staying with a friend (Hindi Program Cheryl, or Kranti) in a slum just down the street. Vah!

I came down the mountains to participate in a midpoint retreat with the other fellows, and after its completion, I have been staying in a major donor and player in AIF, Shreedar's beach house. This actually has been quite an intense experience for me, the pollution of the city, the sprawling slums, the oppressive heat, the wealth, the poverty. Although I have been gone for a matter of days, I find myself constantly have been thinking about Anjanisain, the children, the ashram, the mountains. I'll have to get used to it seeing that I will be traveling for the next month.

I am waiting for a couple friends (Rosie and Yakima Benjamin) here after a midpoint retreat with the fellows, then we will travel around the south of this amazing country, an area vastly different than any other parts of India I have traveled to. It will be nice to spend the holidays with good friends when my beloved family is so far away.

Although mountain considerations have prevented me from being accessible for communication, now that I am in an area with plenty of internet opportunities, I will most likely be busy with travel and not able to utilize such opportunities, but i will do my best to play catch with email for those who have tried to contact me.

pranam and happy holidays y'all

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